Author: Brandon Fyfe, Thompson’s Plumbing 28 March 2020

Harsh Impact: Corona, COVID-19

Due to Corona COVID-19 South Africa has been placed in a State of Disaster effective from 15 March 2020, as well as a lockdown period of 21-days effective Thursday 26 March at midnight (12:00). This will impact not only Thompson’s Plumbing’s operations but the entire nation’s too. The State of Disaster is leading to dramatic negative local and global economic impacts. This could place us under severe strain should this continue for an extended period where both large and small businesses of the economy will incur major losses.

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The day-to-day operations of our business is affected majorly during the lockdown period. Plumbing falls under the Essential Services list as Electricity, Water, Gas, Fuel Supply & Maintain category, we may also operate under Solid Waste Management. We are restricted to attending to urgent matters and emergencies only, this is to reduce the amount of contact and potential spread. These matters include (1) Disruption of water supply including leaking or burst pipes, (2) Burst geysers and (3) Blockages causing a lack of sanitation.

Our staff are well-informed of the virus and are taking the necessary precautions such as (1) Applying of hand sanitizer before and after seeing every customer, (2) Gloves, (3) Face masks, (4) No shaking of hands policy, (5) Tools and equipment  

cleaned and sanitised daily, (6) Employees are not required to come to the office and all public transport is avoided as team leaders have a company vehicle at their private residence where they collect the other team member (we operate with teams of two) from their private residence, (7) A multi-vitamin and immune booster has been supplied to each staff member to take daily, (8) Each vehicle has the correct approved documentation on hand, and lastly, but most important of all (9) Staff have been advised to inform the manager if they show any of the virus symptoms, if they do they will be supported by the company to stay at home for isolation and recovery.

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Thompson’s Plumbing supports the action taken by President Ramaphosa in his address to the nation. The effects of COVID-19 require us to act responsibly and work diligently to prevent the spread of the virus and minimise the impact on the health of our team and secondly on our business operations. We are stocked up on basic materials needed to carry out the above-mentioned urgent matters and emergencies, however, we have a responsibility to adhere to the action of the lockdown as best possible by keeping our movements to an absolute minimum.

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