February 2022

Leak detection

Leak detection refers to the physical process undertaken to locate the source of a concealed leak. Trying to locate the source of a concealed leak can be a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack, resulting in significant damages… continue reading>>

copper pipes in plumbing
January 2022

Design rendering

Thinking of renovating? Make your changes now before it is too late! Design rendering refers to the process of adding physical attributes and details, such as color, shading, texture, to a grid that creates realistic images… continue reading>>

copper pipes in plumbing
October 2021

Tips for a bath-shower conversion

If you physically do not have enough space within the four walls of your bathroom to cater for both a bath and a shower, the convenience of changing your bathtub… continue reading>>

copper pipes in plumbing
May 2021

What do I do in a plumbing emergency?

Whether it is a burst pipe, geyser, or a blocked and overflowing waste line, it is never an event to celebrate when there is water wreaking havoc in your home… continue reading>>

copper pipes in plumbing
January 2021

Is Copper Piping a thing of the past?

Copper is a commonly used material for the transportation of water for various uses. The benefits of copper piping include durability, it does not contaminate water… continue reading>>

copper pipes in plumbing
August 2020

Municipal Boundaries: What is your responsibility?

Each municipality must ensure that all members of the local community are provided with basic municipal services, these are services which are necessary to ensure… continue reading>>

thompsons plumbing
July 2020

Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

What is a plumbing certificate of compliance? A plumbing inspection is required to support the sale of a property to ensure it is up to date with the current SANS code of regulations. These laws and regulations are put in place to protect… continue reading>>

plumbing certificate of compliance
March 2020

Harsh Impact: Corona, COVID-19

Due to Corona COVID-19 South Africa has been placed in a State of Disaster effective from 15 March 2020, as well as a lockdown period of 21-days effective Thursday 26 March at midnight. This will impact not only Thompson’s Plumbing’s but… continue reading>>

February 2020

How to prevent your geyser from bursting?

This question only plumbers have the answer to, but everyone wants to know! Having a geyser burst in your house can be a painful and costly experience, causing major damage… continue reading>>

January 2020

Is a CCTV camera drain inspection worth the extra cost?

Most of us are confronted with blocked drains at some stage of our lives. The question is: is it worth having it inspected by a CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera… continue reading>>

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