Author: Brandon Fyfe, Thompson’s Plumbing March 2023

Certificate of Compliance Grey Area

Does a Certificate of Compliance ensure that my plumbing system is faultless?

Refer to our previous insight that provides a basic description of what a certificate of compliance is here

When it comes to CoC’s, there is significant grey area and, unfortunately, you as the homeowner, often find this out the hard way once problems arise after some time in your new property. Often, the plumbing services provider that issued the certificate of compliance is left in question as to why there are problems with the recently signed-off system. At Thompson’s Plumbing we feel that it is our responsibility to empower our clients and followers by providing the knowledge and understanding of what a plumbing certificate of compliance ensures for the simple reason that it does not leave you with a faultless system for the unforeseeable future. In order to sign off a certificate of compliance for the transfer of ownership, the basic requirements mentioned below have to be passed.

The City of Cape Town criteria to issue a Schedule 4 certificate of compliance for the transfer of ownership of a property:

Hot water cylinder installation complies with SANS 10252 & 10254
Water pipes in the plumbing installation (especially within the roof space) are properly saddled as per SANS 10252
The water meter records the flow when water is drawn, and does not register when consumption stops

The private isolating valve as per subsection 23-2A or B is in place and functioning
None of the terminal water fittings leak and they are correctly fixed in position
No storm water is discharged into the sewerage system
There is no cross connection between the potable supply and any alternate supply

The above criteria can be more easily interpreted into the following:

1) Geyser installation compliance.
2) Safety of the system.
3) Monitoring and recording of consumption by means of an operational water meter and isolation valve.
4) Water wastage prevention (leaks).
5) Separation of the storm water and sewerage drainage disposal.
6) There is no possibility of repurposed water entering the Municipal supply, for eg. grey water or rainwater collection water that is re-used within the property.

Over and above the basic requirements, we at Thompson’s Plumbing make additional effort to inform our client of, what we classify as, any “good practice” criteria. This involves any concerns or defects that are not included within the basic requirements, which we notify our client of to avoid the potential of system defects that may occur after some time, however, this is not a requirement that these items are carried out to issue the certificate of compliance.

If you find yourself wandering about compliance of your plumbing system, it is always best to seek advice from a registered and experienced plumbing service provider.

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