Author: Brandon Fyfe, Thompson’s Plumbing January 2022

Design rendering

Thinking of renovating? Make your changes now before it is too late!

What is design rendering?  Rendering refers to the process of adding physical attributes and details, such as color, shading, texture, and lamination, to a grid that creates realistic images on a screen. In layman’s terms and applicable to Thompson’s Plumbing, design rendering means creating an image of a proposed renovation or plan according to the client’s requirements.

What are the benefits of design rendering? We are not all creative genius’s and putting a bathroom or kitchen design together can be a challenge. We all know that doing renovations, whether significant or minor, are a costly exercise in today’s day and age. The advantage of carrying out a design rendering process prior to starting the physical renovation means that you can create an image of a proposed idea and make any changes prior to starting the physical part. Ultimately, this will give you an accurate image of your renovation before the dusty renovation begins. For example, you will be able to change colour schemes, layout, sanitary ware, dimensions, etc.

How it works: Contact Thompson’s Plumbing with your request, where we will then arrange a site inspection and, based on the information received, a formal quotation for renovations and design rendering will be furnished to you.

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